Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meijer Deals

I only went to one grocery store this week.  (I do plan on going to VGs tomorrow to get just a couple of things)     Meijer had the best sale this week, and also had the most items that we needed.
I spent only $64.22 for everything in the picture 

(2) Sweet and Saty Chex Mix on sale $1 each.  I used (2) .50 coupons that doubled, final price FREE
(1) Red Pepper on sale $1, I used .50 coupon from a Meijer coupon mailer, final price .50
(2) Bar S Hot dogs on sale $1, I used $1 off 2 coupon, final price .50
(2) Sunny D on sale $1, I used (2) .25 coupons that doubled, final price .50
(4) Dole Mandarin Oranges on sale $1.  I used (2) .50 coupons that doubled, final price .50 each. I also got back .75 off your next order coupon. 

(6) Pizza Rolls on sale $1.  I used .a .40 off 2 and a $1 off 4 coupon,  final price  .70 each

Koala cream filled cookies (not pictured)  .99
Eggs on sale .99

(5) 2 liters of Pepsi and Crush on sale $1 each
(2) Chi Chis Tortillas on sale $2, I used (2) .50 coupons that doubled, final price $1 each
Hot Dog buns on sale $1
Cool Whip on sale $1
(2) Pasta Roni on sale $1 each
(3) Michelinas on sale $1.  I got 1 for FREE because when you buy 10 $1 items.  Final price $2 for 3
Kraft Marshmellow on sale $1
Breakstone sour cream on sale $1

Aunt Milles Bread on sale $1.50
Kraft Big Slice Cheese on sale $2.50.  I used $1 off coupon, final price $1.50
Strawberry Cream Cheese on sale $2
(4) Lucky Charms on sale $2.50.  I used (2) $1.50 off 2 coupons final price $1.75 each
Johnny Morrel Bacon on sale $2
(4) Hot Pockets on sale $2 each
Kahiki Sweet and Sour Chicken  on sale $3.99
Rotissiere Chicken $5.99. I used $1 off coupon from Meijer mailer, final price $4.99

Bananas .54 a lb
Nectarines .99 a lb
Cherries (not pictured) $1.98 a lb
(2) Dole salad on sale $1 each
Mushrooms on sale $1 

I used $18.30 in coupons, (got back .75 OYNO), and saved $37.53 in sales for a total of $55.93 in savings or 47%.

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  1. I don't normally by my groceries at Meijer's but since reading your article I most certainly will pay them a visit to see their specials for my weekly shop.
    My Dad bought a cheap Tracfone there for seniors who might prefer bigger buttons and letters on the screen with hearing aid compatibility and it only cost him $14.99. It was a Senior Value Cellphone, Samsung T-155G.
    He'd been looking for this phone at Walmart and couldn't find it, and it only costs $6.66/month for service which is great for a pensioners budget.


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