Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our School Shopping Adventure

We did some damage today, but overall,we saved a lot more than we spent.  First stop was JCPenny.   Two of these shirts were on sale, and two were on clearance.  I used a $10 off of $25 JCP cash coupon and a $25 gift card.  Spent $19.91 out of pocket, and saved $63.63. (according to the reciept)

I spent the most at Old Navy, but that is also were we got the most and the best deals.    I used a $5 off $25 coupon, and my $10 Old Navy Rewards certificate.  My second $10 coupon actually did not go into effect until Aug 5, so I still have that.   We spent $99.41 for everything  in the picture.  I saved $151.02 off regular prices (difference between tag price and clearance price than rang up  on the receipt ) and another $84.20 off with sales and coupons. (according to receipt)

At Payless, my daughter found the canvas slip ons on sale for $16.99 (regularly $29.99).  The cute white shoes were on clearance for $7 (regularly $24.99), and we were given a $3 off coupon which made the inserts FREE.  We spent $25.62 and saved  $33.99.

One of my daughters favorite stores is Forever 21. While we did not get items on sale,  their regular prices are reasonable.  We spent $84.91 at that store. You cant really see them in the picture, but there are two pairs of jeans for $10.50 each.  The striped tees were $8.50 each, the shiny top was $15.80 and the shirt dress $24.80.

Last stop was Charlotter Russe. There they were having a 50% off clearance price sale.  She got two pairs of pants and a dresssy blouse.  The jearns were only $4.99, the dress pants only $10 and the blouse only $10.  We spent only $26.48 and saved $24.98  I had given my daughter a budget of $100 at her two favorite stores at the mall (Charlotte Russe and Forever 21).  Since the blue/black striped shirt was mine and not in her total, she was extremly close to her budget.  She spent $102.38, which is probably the closest she has ever been to her given amount.  She tends to try and go way over like most teenagers.

Here is my daughter's new  back to school wardrobe.  Other thing a few last minute items we might realize we need, she is done.  She got 4 pairs of pants/jeans, 11 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 packs of socks, a pr of sleep boxers and a ring for $190.   The best deals were at Old Navy.  There I found  her two thermal henleys for only  85 cents  each. They were originally $14.50 markeed down to $1.97, but rang up .97. Then afeter my coupon discount, final price .85.  I wish they had more colors, or I would have went back for more.   The sock packs also from Old Navy, were also a great deal.   Normally $6.50 each, they were on sale $2 for 8, but  rang up only $3.45 after coupons.   The most expensive item she picked out was a shirt dress from Forever 21 that was $24.80.

I also bought her brother a few items from Old Navy  today. He now has 7 new shirts for a total of $23.17.  The polos were orginally $9.50, on clearance for $2.99, but only $2.62 after the coupons.    The green tee was on clearance for $4.49, but only $3.93.  I got the swim shirt for a final price of only $3.50.   I also got him three of the $4 graphic tees, that were only $3.50 after  the coupon discount. 

Little sister  also now has a couple new graphic tees.  All of this was only $13.56.  She LOVES animals of all kinds and I knew she would be thrilled with what I picked out.   Three of the tees were on sale for $4, but only $3.50 after coupon discount, and one was on clearance with a final price of $3.06. 

I ended up with a few items for myself.  I did not realize how much until I got it home.  I spent $38.78 for 8 tops and a pr of shoes.  My best deals were a thermal tee for .85, two V neck tees for $2.18 and the pink top for $1.73.

My final total for our back to school shopping trip out of pocket was $256.33.  Total saved with sales, clearance, and coupons was $357.82.  We  got over $600 worth of clothes for only $250, a savings of just shy of 60%.    And best of all, since my younger kids do not really need more clothes, we are officially done with back to school clothes shopping.  I dont have to fight the crowds in the next few weeks.. 

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