Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ideas for Water Fun

It is a HOT day out today in most of the country.  On our morning new today they said it was  going to be the hottest day of the summer so far.  The day of my daughters birthday was extremely hot, so if today is hotter,  I don't think I will be outside  much today.     Today would be a great day to play in some sort of water.  If you have a pool or beach nearby, lucky you!  At our house we either have to sit in a baby pool or run through the sprinkers.   If that true at your house as well, I found some fun ideas on what you can do with a hose.

Here is a fun idea from Making Memories    on how make a sprinkler with a pop bottle.    It is simple to make and looks like fun to use.   

Here is another version of a homemade sprinker on the site Instructables.com.  You can find directions on how to make just about anything on that site 

If you are feeling really adventureous, here are instuctions on how to make a kid wash out of pvc pipe, also on Instructables.com
If water games are more your style, I found an entire page full of game ideas on the site Kids Activities

Whatever you decide to do today,  hope you are able to stay cool!

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