Friday, July 15, 2011

But I don't wanna do it!!

I do not like cleaning.  I never have, and probably never will.   I knew early on that I did not have the cleaning gene, because my mom was always telling me to clean my room.   As I grew up, I still did not want to clean my room, or even my house unless I absolutely had to.   Well today I have to.  My mom is coming to visit for the week and she arrives tomorrow.    Up until yesterday we had some extra house guests for a few weeks  while a good friend  needed a  temporary place to stay with her kids.  I had hoped to get some things done while they were here, but with 5 kids in the house, it did not happen.   Luckily the house does not have to be spotless.  My mom is well aware of my lack of cleaning gene.    If I don't post for 24 hours, don't be alarmed.    I will be cleaning my room, but I would much rather be blogging.

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