Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sharing the Love

I am so excited about the gmail I just got.   Heidi from The Frugal Girls  loved my crabby sandwiches so they were featured today on their site.  The Frugal Girls   just happens to be one of my favorite savings blogs.  If you would like to find a fun, colorful deal board, theirs is one you should definitely check out. 

I was also contacted a couple of days ago from  Stephanie at Debt Free Spending.   She too wanted to feature my crabby sandwiches.   I am stilll getting to know her blog, but I really like it so far.   In addition to savings and organizing tips, she has many crafts and recipes.   I like that she is a busy mom just like me, who is finding ways to save money while raising her family.  Be sure to check out  her  blog as well. 

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