Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carnvial/Fair Games at Home

A carnival or fair party can be a fun backyard party in the summer.  Even if you don't have a party, playing  fair themed games can keep your children busy for hours. 


                                                      MAKE YOUR OWN RING TOSS  

Kids will like to throw a ring around just about anything.   I made this horse head for Karas's horse party out of foam board.  The girls then use a hula hoop on a rope and "lassoed" the horse.       If dont want to make a themed  prop,  line up pop bottles and use smaller rings from the dollar store.

                                                                 RUBBER DUCK GAME

Another super simple game is to buy some rubber ducks at the dollar store and float them in a container filled with water.   Number each ducky with a water proof maker and have each number mean a different prize.  Prizes can be inexpensive and simple, use pieces of bubble gum, a small bottle of bottles, a small trinket.  


I painted an elephant on a foam board and cut out a hole above his trunk.  The kids then carried a circus peanut on a spoon and tried to feed the elephant without dropping the peanut.
                                                                BALL/BEANBAG  TOSS

 I have made many different versions of this game over the years.  Our most recent one was a tiki with a hole in its mouth.  The girls threw balls from the dollar store through the opening. Back when my son was 1,  I made a Po cut out from the telltubbies and then the little one threw balls thru Po's tummy.  This game too, can be made into a much simpler version.  Use a poster board and cut out circles big enough for a ball or  bean bag to pass thru.                         

                                                                     DIG GAMES

If you have a sandbox or large box, bury small trinkets n the sand and allow the kids to dig and find them.  We have done this with both plastic dinosaurs and gold coins.

                                                            OTHER SIMPLE GAMES

Penny Toss-  Throw a penny and try to land on a plate target

Bottle/Knock Down- Stack empty cans and try to knock them down with bag or bean bag

Face Painting- Ask a neighborhood teenager to paint fun designs

Bucket Toss-  Throw ping pong or other small balls into a sand bucket

Now that I wrote all of these ideas out, my creative ideas are flowing.   I think I know what we will be doing if I hear the words, "I'm bored!"

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