Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of School Chaos- an UPDATE

We are now down to 11 days..  In the last week we have had an Art show,  our last girl scout meeting, 2 talent show practices, more mileage club and a drs appt. (for child that went to ER last week).     Tomorrow is my last mileage club ever.. (well unless they do it at my daughters next school, which right now they do not do) and Friday is one of our Field days..  Also still  on the agenda,  a possible band concert,  Spring Fling (where I will be in a mom to mom sale), another field day, an end of the year party for 4th, farewell ceremony for 6th,  birthday treats for my summer girls birthday and the talent show.    Now we are off to dance class where we are getting close to recital.     Will be sharing a few posts in a bit.. 

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