Monday, May 30, 2011

In Case of Emergency

Around dinner time tonight we had a tornado warning.   After last weeks massive tornado in Joplin, where a lot of my family lives, we took the warning seriously.  Also I think, because of the tornado, we were given warning way in advance of the storm heading our way.  As as the sirens went off my son held on to his DSi he got for his birthday.  He told me it was too important for it to blow away if we did have a tornado. He hung on to it for over an hour.  He didnt care if anything else blew away,  just as long as his DSi was safe.    I also found out  our  youngest daughter's priorities. She was worried about her sonic characters and webkinz.  Since we were watching the storm on  radar, I knew we had a few minutes.    I allowed her to take a minute to collect her "friends" in the family room  and bring them downstairs.   At least we had something soft if we had needed them.

Early today I spent most of the afternoon getting my vegetable garden in.  It was quite an accomplishment if you saw what the garden looked like just a few days ago.

Here is the before picture.  The garden was over run by weeds and grass.   Its for the most part, cleared out now and looks 100% better.   I did not take an after picture, but hope to soon. 

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