Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beading to Beat Autism

As I mentioned  in early April,  my son has a form of Autism called Aspergers.  I just heard about an amazing girl who has raised $300,000 with bead bracelets to help her brother and many other Autistic children.  She has now set a goal of $300,000,000 to build an Autism center.   One way to raise the money is by distributing beading kits to groups and organizations to help raise the money.  We just signed up for our free kit, so we can join the cause.  If you think this is something you would like to help out  with, check out her website Beading to Beat Autism here.   Also watch her You Tube video that explains her fundraising plan, and shows more about the Autism center.  

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  1. Very cool! Crafting for a cause is something I really want to focus on soon.
    Make & Share has a new home at HOMEmomMADE. I hope you can stop in next Saturday .)


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