Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of School Chaos

We are in the home stretch! We have only  3 1/2 days left, but I think it is the busiest week yet.  This morning the 4th grade is attending a swim party.  I leave for the school shortly for a luncheon and Survivor Party.   It is a big bash because they move up to the next building for 5th grade.   The kids are going to be exhausted at the end of school.  Then tonight my 6th grader as a special farewell to 6th grade as he moves up to next building for 7th.  Tomorrow, I greet for the last time in 4 years.  =(  I loved greeting and will miss it.   Our school had greeters at the front door since 9/11 happened.    We greeted people enterting the building and had them sign in, answer questions etc..  I met a lot of parents I might not have met had I not been a greeter.  On Thursday we have the talent show dress rehearsal and then Friday is the big show.  Throw in a few other activities like an appt, and dance class and we have a very full schedule.   I will be posting as much as I can though, so stay tuned. 

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