Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dollar Store Party Finds..

I went to the Dollar Store today to buy a few extra papers.   This weekend there are some really good Smart Source coupons that will mean FREE items when they double at VGs.   While there I noticed they got some new stock in so I went to see what party planning supplies I could find.   

If you are planning a Luau this summer, they have an entire row dedicated to all things luau.   You can find leis,  coconut cups and  lots of fun decor.   

Now is the time to stock up on Memorial Day and 4th of July items for your summer get togethers. 

I loved the red, white, and blue circle placemats.  I will be using them as table accents for centerpieces etc..

I really liked the large clear serving plate and the blue star serving plate.  

There are several new red, white and blue wire ribbons, what will be perfect for summer crafts.

I also found a flag inspired paper lantern.  I am not sure what I will do with it yet, but it could make a nice accent for a 4th of July party.  

I picked up two condiment squeeze bottle packs.  They can be used for multiple uses and not just for picnics.   Squeeze bottles are good for baking with different color frostings and pancake mixes.  They can also be used when crafting. 

I really liked the Its Your Day party bag. 

I found 3pk sauce ramakins..  While you can not bake with them,  they can be used as ice cream dishes or individual serving dishes.  

The cardboard with ballons on it in the front is a cupcake stand.  I am not expecting it it be super sturdy since it was only $1, but will still be fun addition to a summer party. 

I picked up 2 clipboards to make decorative clipboards found here.

Since I already have a lot of luau supplies, I picked up a tiki ice mold.   I thought it would be a fun addition to our other supplies.  

To make the most of Dollar Store party shopping is to plan ahead and buy when you find the item.  If you wait until you need the item,  you might not be able to find it. 

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