Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Make a Flower Topiary

You can get the look of an expensive flower topiary by making it yourself using items from the dollar and craft store. The craft store sells styrofoam balls in various sizes.  You can also buy pre-cut dowel rods for very little money.  Push a dowel into the styrofoam ball a few inches deep. 

I found circle floral forms at the dollar store.  While I was happy that it was only a dollar, it was a bit soft and the dowel rod did move around a little.   As long as the topiary is not moved around too much, the cheaper form should be fine. I also found a spring flower pot at the dollar store. 

Push the dowel in the center of the form. 

When I started to glue  on the flowers, I did find it was easier to remove the dowel rod.   So you could glue on the flowers BEFORE pushing the dowel into the form.   Using hot glue, I glued on the flowers one at a time in a circular motion. 

This what the topiary looked like before the final touches were added.  Since I was transporting these topiaries to another location,  I waited until they were at the party site to finish them

The night before the party,  I added dollar store moss and a purple ribbon around the base of the flower ball.   When one of the party guests asked me if was a real hydrangea, I knew I had acheived the look that I had been hoping for.     The flowers and pot can be easily changed to acheive the color and look.  

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