Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Party

The party we had been planning for Operation Birthday had finally arrived.   We went with a Garden Party/Spring Chick theme.   The idea behind the chicks was that  this was a milestone birthday, and my friend is STILL  a spring chick. It was much more uplifting than an Over the Hill type of theme.   

Garden Party Table Decor, Topiary, Flower Pot Favors

We decorated the night before the party.  The green table cover needed some extra color so I used paper streamers to make an accent.  You can see how I made it here.    I placed my two topiaries on each end of the table.   You can how to make them  here   I had planned on painting flowers on a vase I got at the thrift store, but ran out of time.  It was a pretty pink color which matched the colors, so I still used it in the center of the table.

painted pots, candy dishes, favors

We added the flower pot favors , filled with spring colored jellybeans.  

flower crafts

I used the idea  I saw by A Glimpse Inside to make flower garland.  

We hung paper lanterns  and some more flowers over the bar where the food was located.  

The menu was light

Homemade Chicken Salad

Pasta Salad

Tortillas with fruit salsa

Spring Chicks, Chick Cupcakes,

and Spring Chick cupcakes

To remember who attended this special birthday we made a singing frame.  

We included her invitation (the girls), and embellished the with flowers and colorful "chick" letters.

During the party, all of the guests signed the matting and now R has a memento that she can hang up. 

Somehow I missed taking a picture of the Spa station.   We had two rocking chairs and a rolling cart.  On the rolling cart we had a parafin bath where guests could dip their hands in was.  We also had a foot massager where guests could enjoy relaxing their feet.  The spa station was a HUGE hit with the guests. 

This was the perfect party for a great friend..  Happy Birthday R!!


  1. Love the Garden Party theme! i AM a Nature lover after all! Food looks yummy also! What a lucky birthday girl.

  2. Love the theme and you did a great job, looks like the party was a big success! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Pam wow everything was so nice! I had a great birthday Thanks to you and your crafty talents! Glad we're friends!
    Love R

  4. That is a cute party! I love the flower garland. This would totally work for a Mother's Day get together too!

  5. Love the framed invitation! Makes such a nice keepsake!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog from Cmmoca's handmade shop. $27 store credit to win a shopping organizer. A neat place to note doew your To list and organize your coupons. check it out!

  6. Such a sweet idea! (I myself have always hated the over-the-hill metaphor.) What a great alternative!

  7. She is loved!

    Thanks for linking up to Make & Share. Good News! I found a thumbnail linky and updated it with your blog post.

  8. The foods look delicious! Love the garden party theme!

    Jasper @ B & B Tent Rental NJ


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