Wednesday, May 11, 2011

End of School Chaos

You might notice in the next couple of weeks that I am not posting as much as normal.  It's not that I do not want to post, it is that I am stuck in end of the school year chaos and have limited time.   I have 3 kids who go to 3 different schools.   In the next 17 days we have a field trip, band concert,  mom to mom sale,  end of the year party/ceremony for 4th grade, a 6th grade farewell ceremony, 2 field days,  a possible talent show, and a couple more things I can not remember.  I also greet at the school one morning a week, and do milage club during lunch recess for 3 weeks in May (we are currently in week 2).    Tomorrow I am going to a going away party for a friend who is leaving on a mission trip to Africa next week.  We also have homework to finish up, including a big project that has not even been started yet.    Speaking of homework, I better go  see if it is being worked on tonight.  I keep hearing the song my daughter wants to sing if we do have the talent show in the background (being played over and over), so I think someone is rehearsing instead of doing her math..

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