Monday, March 28, 2011

Tip of the Day-Better Pet Photos

In the April 17 Womans Day, there are tips on how to take better pet portraits.   We have 3 cats, a bearded dragon, 2 salamanders, a turtle and a few fish.   The cats have  usually cooperated with picture taking, but I wanted to give the tips a try..      I found a few models that were willing today.  I was unable to find Tootsie, so I will have to try to take her pic later. 

*Turn off your flash..  Flash can scare your animal, and causes red eye in the photo.  Shoot the picture in natural light.  If turns out blurry, set at a higher ISO setting.

I found that this worked well in our kitchen where we have a lot of natural light.   I did get some blurry pics because one of them always moved their head at the last second.  

*Follow your pets lead.  Take pictures of your pets when and where they are comfortable.  They can become skittish if they forced to be somewhere just for a picture. 

Having cats, I know if they do not want to be somewhere they wont stay still. LOL!  I find the best and funniest pictures are when I find them in unusual places. Today I took pictures of Reeses and Milo just hanging around in the sun on the kitchen floor.

*Get on their level to make the picture more personal

I was sitting on the floor while trying to take the pics.  The cats had an curiousity to what I was doing and looked my way.

*Focus on the pets eyes.

I love pics when my pets are looking right at me the best..

Here are some of the pictures I took today

Hmm..  what are you doing mom?  (I wish this wasn't blurry)

What is that you have in your hand?  Let me put my face right up to it and check it out. 

This picture reminds me of a teenager.  He kind of has a look like he is so over the picture taking. 

What's that??? Is that a bird!!!

One of my favorite pictures I ever took of Milo.  Taken at NIGHT with the FLASH..  LOL!

I like this picture of Reeses.  She is relaxed, and looking right at me.

This is Buck, our  3 1/2 yr old bearded dragon.   I turned off the flash and used the light from his cage.

Since Tootsie was not part of the photo shoot today, I thought I would show an old picture.  This was when I caught her sitting on the end of the banister.  Again it was taken at night with the flash..  LOL!

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