Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Totals

I think this is the first time that I have had my monthly totals done before the new month has officially started.  This month I was working on my panty/freezer challenge and hoping to cut my weekly grocery budget to about $50 a week.  I started out pretty strong but by mid-late month, life kind of got in the way and I didnt have time to make a lot of meals.  Overall though, I did pretty good with the budget and spend an average of $65 dollars a week.    

 I saved $182.67 in coupons, $221.03 in sales for an overall $403.70 in savings..    I got $694.52 worth of groceries for only $290.82. I had a 58% savings this month, so I am happy with that!  I keep track of my totally free items and this month it was 28. 

This month I really did not have time do much shopping at the drugstores or Target so my  other coupon savings is only $36.27.   I have to be honest, my stockpile is pretty full and other than toilet  paper and cat litter I can think of very few things we need. 

Since the kids are on Spring Break this coming week, life will be at slower pace with the kids activies..  I will be in full swing with Operation Birthday, but I hope to have more time to plan meals and use what I already have on hand.  We will see with April brings!!

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