Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pie Day!!

I almost forgot today was Pi/Pie Day.    In case you are wondering what Pi/Pie day is all about, it is because today's date  March 14, is 3.14     One day someone realized that today's date is the same as the math symbol Pi.    Mathmeticians like to celebrate Pi Day, which you can read about on Wikipedia  here

For us non mathmeticians, we like to celebrate PIE day.    My youngest daughter  LOVES Pie day.  One of her favorite things to do as a younger child was to tell random strangers, "I like pie."   I have a pre made Keebler crust and a couple boxes of chocolate pudding.  I think I might pick up a container of cool whip and make a pudding pie. 

I found this quick and easy pudding pie recipe on  If you would like to see the recipe you can see it here

If you want to celebrate Pi or Pie,  have a happy Pi/Pie day.

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