Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ideas for a Cat Party

Since we shared one of Kyle's favorite parties, Kara wanted me to share one of hers too.  One of  her favorite themes was her Cat Party. 

In this picture Kara is modeling the accessories of the day.    Each girl was given a headband with cat ears. I bought bundles of headbands at the  dollar store.  I wrapped each one in black fabric and then  glued on ears made from felt. If you prefer buying instead of making,  you can find similar cat headbands here.

     She is also wearing a cat collar we made during craft time.  I bought a package of pony beads, a package of wooden fish beads and a couple packs of pipe cleaners.  I also had a small bag of jingle bells left over from Christmas that we added to the collar..  I don't know what it is about little girls pretending to be animals but they LOVED rolling around and acting like cats. 

Bad weather was coming in, so we quickly had to go outside to play pin the tail on the cat.  I made this out of white and black poster board.  It was made to look like our cat Precious who unfortunately went to animal heaven later that summer.   She did live to a blessed 19 years old though.   Looking at the places of most of the tails, I believe that we had some peekers..  The only one I know for sure didn't peek was the girl whose tail was on the far right..   =)

I don't have  any pictures of this activity, other than this picture of my daughter acting goofy. I was too busy with 10 little girls to take a lot of pictures.    I bought a few cat items (dishes, toys etc..) at the dollar store.  The girls went out in the yard to pretend to be cats. 

Another activity we played that I do not have a picture of was our fish hunt.   I bought a bag of  mini fish from Oriental Trading Co.   They were hidden all around the yard and the girls had to go fish hunting.    To this day,  I still find an occasional plastic fish in the yard. 

The last activity we were able to play outside before it started raining was a scavenger hunt.   I bought some cardboard fish at the dollar store and used them for the clues.  I wrote  the clues on the back of each fish, which led them to their next clue.  The last clue lead them to the front porch where they found their goody bags

We went back inside for cake and snacks, all of which had a cat theme. 

We had strawberry mice.  A recipe I found  through Family Fun.  These were a huge hit with the girls.  

I know you can not tell from this  picture, but these are hot dogs covered in crescent rolls to look like fish.   

Since cats like fish, we had fish jello in a large fishbowl. 

I made cat cupcakes with Mentos cheeks, fruit shaped nerds for the eyes and nose,  Laffy Taffy for the tongue and chocolate wafer cookies for the ears.   There is a fancier version that I had planned to make  in the  Hello Cupcake, but I ran short on time.  This is a quicker, more simple version.   

We opened presents and then the girls did what little girls do.. had a dance party until their parents arrived. 

One of our inspirations for the cat party.  We just got her from the Humane Society a few weeks earlier.  She is still super sweet and  has been featured in my "Weird Things My Cats Do" posts.

Updated  I have loved and used Oriental Trading for my party supplies for years.  I am now an ambassador and affiliate. I have added some fun cat items to this post that you may want to use at your own cat party.

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