Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 7

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw a sneak peek of where we went today..   :)  Aww, doesn't he look so cute sleeping.

We are lucky enough to have 5 zoos within 90 minutes of us.  The Detroit Zoo, The Toledo Zoo, Potter Park Zoo in Lansing,  The Binder Park Zoo in Batttle Creek and The John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids.  While we have been to all of them many times when we lived in various places, we currently are members of The Toledo Zoo.   This is when zoo membership is a no brainer.   For our family of 5 to go to the zoo only ONE time, the cost would be $72.   Only Kara would have the child rate of $11. Since everyone else is over 12, they would have the $14 adult rate.  There is also a $5 parking fee  for non members.   The cost of a family membership when we bought it in July was only  $71.10!  With the membership, we can go  to the zoo for FREE until Sept of 2013.  We also get free parking on every visit, and a 10% discount in all of the gift shops.   Today when we went we only bought a couple of $2 ice cream cones and a couple of waters, so the entire trip was less than $10 (not counting gas)   Not too bad for a day of fun.

We packed our cat, I mean lunch to save money..  LOL!!    The zoo allows you to bring in your own food, and has picnic areas all over the park.  We ate our food in the car though, because we didn't want to carry it.

We took a lot of great pictures, but some pictures need a little more explaining.

Kara was very excited with something she saw..

we are in a zoo full of animals, but she got excited over seeing a bunny.   We actually saw two.. This one in the garden..

and this baby bunny eating flowers by the reptile house.

The little boy was so cute.. The sloth bear was smooshing his face on the other side of the glass. I am  not sure why, maybe he was eatting bugs or something.  The boy kept kissing the window because he thought the bear was kissing him.  His mom kept telling he to stop kissing the glass, and that the bear was not kissing him.  Awwww!

And then there is this woman... she really, really, really wanted to get a picture of the snow leopard. She is lucky she did not fall.  We actually did witness a little girl fall into the rhino area a couple of years ago. She was about 3 years old, and she was climbing a little higher so she could see a bit better.  Just as her mom  tried  to get her  down, she fell over the fence into the pond on the other side.  Her mom was literally standing right beside her, but there was nothing she could do. A man jumped the fence and grabbed the little girl out of the water. There was another fence around the animals and they were far away, so she probably was not in real danger, but it was quite scary. She was covered head to toe with muddy pond water, and crying with fear.  I bet she never climbed a barrier again after that.

Just one more..  Well there is no explination for this..  LOL!!  What did you do for fun today?


  1. Fun photos! Following you on google friend and fb from the mingle. Would love follows back

  2. Wow, how lucky to have so many zoos near you! We are heading to our local zoo in a couple of weeks for my son's birthday, and we will be sure to not let them climb the enclosures!! Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)


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