Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Fun 16 and Upcoming Projects

Can you guess where we went today?  I was asked to share an upcoming post with a DIY project,  and I needed a few supplies. 

I am actually very excited about some of the items I found at the thrift store today. I have some fun fall decorating planned for most of these items.

These two items are for Kara. She is at the age where she wants to change her pink (cotton candy explosion) room to something more grown up.  She would like to change it over to a nature theme, and has big plans for the mirror and wine rack.  With a little fixing up, that wine rack will soon be an accessories rack, and the mirror will have a whole new look. 

          Tonight we had a girl scout meeting and afterwards Kara got to hang with her friends. 

Silliness ensued.

This was actually pretty cool.  They figured out how to make rainbow chalk tatoos. 

What kind of fun things did you do today? 

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