Monday, August 6, 2012

Our 4 Week Summer Fun Challenge

In exactly 4 weeks, we go back to school in Michigan.  When I see so many schools going  back already,  I am grateful we still have a little more time.    In the beginning of the summer, I made a summer to do list to try and keep my kids busy.  I didn't want them to look back at the end of the summer, and wish they had done more.    Looking over the list today, we have not done as much as I would have liked.  I have to admit, sometimes it is very easy to just lay around in front of the TV and  have a lazy day.  I decided to make turn these last few weeks into a challenge.  Everyday until school starts, we are going to do something FUN.  It might be something big like go back to Cedar Point or the zoo for a day, or it could be something small like play water games in the backyard.

Today for day 1 of the challenge,  we went to the Humane Society. We have been volunteers at our local shelter for about 2 years when  we adopted our third cat from them.  We were so blessed with the 3 wonderful kitties we have adopted from the shelter, we wanted to give back. Many shelters love to have older kids as volunteers to help socialize the animals.   Volunteering  also helps Kara get a kitten fix without begging for yet another animal to add to  our zoo.  We had not been there in quite awhile because of Kara's bout with mono and then her hurt foot, so it was nice to go back.     We used to have a Siamese that we loved dearly, so we have a big soft spot when we see one.  This little girl looks a lot our beloved Rugrat, so Kara had to play with her. 

Kara was in heaven in the new multicat rooms.   Our shelter recently raised $100,000 at add more room for the animals.  The cats that get along well with others  are able to roam free in a multicat room, instead of being in  a cage all day. There were 8 cats in the blue room, and all of them wanted to play.  In the second picture she is entertaining 6 of them  at once.  

She also found a few  who wanted some loving in the orange room.  She didn't even realize there was a big orange cat over her head.  

A few more senior kitties in the green room, enjoying some love.  These two are good buddies that are at the  Humane Society because their owner died.  They were as sweet as can be, and need to be adopted together.  They enjoyed Kara's visit. 

The only downside to visiting the Humane Society is there is never enough time to play with all the animals.  She told meowing kittens in the kitten room that she wished she had 30 arms to pet them all.  I told her we would go back again very soon and play with some of the cats we were unable to get to this time. 

Tomorrow is free popcorn day at our local theater.. So hopefully, tomorrow we will finally watch Brave. 

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