Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 6

Originally we were going to go to Colonial Days at a nearby Metropark today.   Colonial days is fun because you can walk around a Colonial camp and see how things were 300+ years ago.  The re-enactors all wear authentic costumes and teach about blackmith, wool spinning, weaving and more.  There are even a couple of  Revolutionary War re-enactments to watch  that are actually quite entertaining  because there is no real blood or anything like that.  The entire day it was gray and looked like rain, so w e decided to stay inside and come up with a Plan B.   

In the evening, the sky had cleared up.  It was still cool, but did not threaten to rain anymore.   A nearby open air mall has free outdoor movies every Saturday night  during the summer.   Tonight's feature was The Adventures of Tin Tin.  

When we first arrived the temperture was actually quite comfortable.  They encourage you to bring your own chairs and blankets.  You are also welcome to bring in your own food. It is kind of nice to bundle up and get cozy while watching a movie.

Since we had not had dinner yet, a run through the nearby McDonalds was in order.  We all  LOVE the fries.  

We ran into a friend who took our picture.  I know it looks like we were the only ones in the parking lot, but it would fill up just a few minutes later.

 By the end of the movie, Kara was bundled up.  After yesterday's freezing blueberry trip, she was prepared today.   I tried to take her  picture,  but she threw the blanket over her head..

I am not sure what I thought to the movie. The animation was FANTASTIC, and at a few points almost looked life like.  The story though, was quite confusing to me.  Another thing that was kind of interesting is the main character of Tin Tin looked almost exactly like Nevel from ICarly.  If you have kids who watch ICarly, you know that he is not the nicest character, so that was kind of weird for me during the entire  movie.  We both loved watching the dog Snowy, who made you wish you had a dog like him. .   About 20 minutes into the movie, I was so confused,  I started playing with my phone.  Thank goodness for email, Facebook and Twitter.. :)   Even if we didn't understand the all of the movie, we still had a lot of fun.

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