Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Decorating on a Budget

Its that time of year again.  The kids are going back to school, the nights are becoming cooler, and fall colors are creeping into our favorite stores.  In just a few short weeks, fall will be here.  While summer will always be my favorite season,  I have to admit I love to decorate for fall.  When there is not a lot of money in the decorating budget, there are still ways to be creative with your decor.  One of  my favorite places for fall crafting supplies is the dollar store.  I found these items just this week. 

Another great place to find decorating items is the thrift store.  There is a huge selection at very afforable prices.   We went yesterday and found several items for our fall decor for just a few dollars. 

Aren't these planters cute?!  They were both only .99 each  at the thrift store.  I loved the shape of the white planter, and the gold color of the smaller planter.  If you find a container  that is an interesting shape, but the wrong color, that can easily be changed with a can of spray paint.   I am going to use these to display pumpkins on my porch.  For this picture  I am  using craft pumpkins from craft stash, since real pumpkins are not quite ready.

An easy way to incorporate color into your decor is by using candy.  I loved the shape of this vase. I also found it at the thrift store for only .99.  I added two small bags of candy corn and a dollar store candle on top. 

I made this using a glass vase and candlestick from the dollar store.  It looks like something you would find in a catalog, but for only a fraction of the price.  It is easy to change the inside of the vase from season to season.  You can use eggs for spring, shells for summer, candy or gourds for fall and ornaments for winter.

A great way to display your fall decor is by making a cake stand/pedestal.  I found the very nice candlestick for only $1.99 and the gold charger plate for only .50 at the thrift store.  I love the color combination as is,  but again it would be very easy to change with a little bit of paint. 

You can use the pedestal in many ways.  In the first picture I added some dollar store leaves and a craft pumpkin.  In the second picture, I used a glitter pumpking from the dollar store and a strand of fall leaves. Both ways would make a great centerpiece, can easily be changed depending on the look you want.   

I have to admit, putting all of these looks together has made this die hard summer loving girl, just a little bit excited about fall!


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