Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marshmallow Reindeer

I saws these reindeer marshmallow pops thought to myself that I wanted to make them. Little did I know how soon I would have to make them.   These sweet little guys got me out of a "mom I need 40 treats by tomorrow" jam.  As I mentioned before I found out this morning that Kara was to bring in treats for her music class and she had no idea how many kids were in that class. Tonight she guessed 35 or so.  To be on the safe side, we decided to make 40 reindeer. 

I had a picture of all of the plain marshmallows laid out on my other camera, but it ran out of battery.   I melted Wilton light cocoa melts using the 30 second melting method.  I melted them in the microwave, while stirring every 30 seconds  Once melted, I dipped the marshmallows in one at a time and tried to drip off the excess chocolate. 

I used a red M & Msthat I got on sale recently at Meijer and yellow candy eyes that I won from Beth at Hungry Happenings.    I was very grateful to have them on hand, because I did not have time to do an edible eyeball run.  LOL! 

I already had the pretzels because I planned on using them in another treat recipe.  I laid the marshmallow covered in chocolate on top of the pretzels and they attached as the chocolate hardened. 

I was also grateful to have a box of 150 sandwich baggies on hand for some quick wrapping.

We placed all of the wrapped reindeer onto a large plastic platter for Kara to take to school tomorrow. She was so happy with how they turned out. She was excited about taking them to share with her classmates.  I guess seeing her happiness makes up for her not telling me until the last minute thing.  At least she gave me enough warning that she also has to bring a treat on Tuesday to her class party in her homeroom. 


  1. Your's turned out SO cute!! I am sure they LOVED them at school :O)

  2. What a great idea and super cute. They do not seem to hard to make either (I would only need 15 of them LOL) Found you from the hop over at Kathe With An E. Have a great day!


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