Thursday, December 1, 2011

Making a List, Losing it Twice

Twice now, I have written out a list of crafts and treats I plan to make in the coming weeks, and twice I seem to have misplaced it.    This is not unusual for me.  I have always been messy and unorganized, but things usually turn up.  Recently I had a 2nd child diagnosed with probable A.D.D.  I have also recently found out that I most likely have undiagnosed A.D.D myself.  I have never really thought that was the case, but this past year I have  noticed that I  can be extremely distracted most of the time.  I could be becoming worse because because I am getting older, it could be that I am an extremely busy mom with way too much on my plate.  I really don't  think that is the case anymore,   since it is also seems to be in the next generation.     Now when I am doing something, I verbally remind myself to focus.  I am becoming more aware of how I don't finish tasks, so now I am trying finish the cycle of what I am doing before moving on to the next thing.  This holiday season, I am going to slow down, take a breath, and pay attention to what is around me.  As we finish up this year and go into the next,  this is one of the things I really want to work on.    I know it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel the need to do it all.   If you are finding that this is true of you too,  this Christmas join with me to slow down, enjoy what is going on around us, and pay attention to the real reason for the season. 

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