Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gift for Grandma

Are you still trying to think of what to get the grandparents for Christmas?   I just ordered a free  photo canvas for my mom, and upgraded to the 11 x 14 size.  (shhh! dont tell, and mom if you reading this, act suprised..  LOL)  I have yet to take this year's Christmas picture, so I used my favorite photo from last year.  Hopefully this weekend, all 3 will cooperate at the same time to get this years pic.  I will then have to order a canvas  for myself.  In order to guarentee shipping by Christmas, orders should be made by Dec 9th.   

This is  the photo that I went with for the canvas.    They look a little different this year from last.  Kyle wears glasses now.  Kristina has a completely differently hairstyle.  Kara looks the same, but has grown about 3 inches.  I still went with this one because  is a favorite photo  for several reasons. Its rare to get a photo where they all have their arms around each other,  and all 3 have a look of joy all at the same time.   LOVE!

I was very happy with the canvas I ordered at Halloween. They kids have really grown haven't they!

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