Monday, December 19, 2011

Dollar Store Votive

Kara and I have been busy little bees the last couple of days.  A few weeks ago I picked up this glass votive, a glass mug and a white mug from the dollar store.  

I thought it would be really cute to paint the votive to look like a snowman. I first painted some white paint on the inside of the glass.   Then I used black and orange paint to pain the face.    This is what the snowman looks like in the light. 

Using a battery operated mini candle inside the votive, this is how he looks in the dark.  You can see some of the lines of the paint when it  the candle is in it, but it just gives him personality.   I might have to try two candles to see if he will glow a bit brighter. 

Kara painted the mug with a full snowman.  I love it! This one she is giving her to her teacher.  I told her that I like it so much, I wanted her to paint me one.  She thought she would also make a few more to give out.  They were all out of this type of mug when I went to the dollar store today, so I guess the snowman mugs will have to wait.   

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