Saturday, December 31, 2011

Target Deals and Clearance

I finally made it to Target today.  I was planning on going on both Thursday and Friday, but it was not to be.  Yesterday my daughter accidently took my car keys in the pocket of the coat we both like to wear from time to time.   I needed to stock up on a few household essentials and Christma clearance is now 70% off.  It is kind of picked over at our store, but I didnt need much anyway.       I did like this Charmin deal.  Charmin Sensitive on sale for $10.60 each.  There is also a $1 Proctor ang Gamble coupon that I accidently left at home.  You get back a $5 gift card when you buy two AND there are $22 worth of P & G coupons in each package.  It was like $8.10 when you add in the gift card. Had I had my coupon it would have been only $7.60.  I am not sure if this deal was just for this week, or for awhile longer. 

Here are some of the great food and baking deals I found in the Christmas/candy section.

Chocolate Peppermint popcorn 70% for only $1.49
Cupcake set with 6 tree silicone baking cups 70% off for only $2.99
2 boxes of Wonka candy canes for .74 each plus I had a $1.50 off 2 coupon for they were FREE
2 Wilton Red Frosting (can use for Valentines) 50% for only $1.37 each
2 Wonka candy bars for $1.74 each.  I had two $1 coupons that expire today, final price .74 ea

5 plastic goblets to use tonight for 70% off at .89 each
Mistletoe kissing ball 70% of for $2.70
2 bird ornaments 70% for .60 each
3 Christmas themed tees 70% off for only $2.40 each
Cat pastry gift set 70% off for $1.49 ($ well spent, see pic below)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on sale for only $4.49  (50% off)
Clorox 2 laundry pen on price cut for $1.75, I used a $1.50 coupon from the Clorox website, final price. 25

Coke Buy 4 get 1 free deal.  On sale for $1.25 each, plus I had two .99 Coke Zero coupons.  Final price $3.02 for 5 or .60 each.
Large candy cane filled with red licorice that I can use for Valentines Day for 70% at $2.99
White star garland to use tonight for 70% for  $1.20
5 packs of snowflake ornaments to use for a Snow Day Party for 70% at .30 each.

There were a few other household items I needed to buy such as containers, garbage bags, vitamins, feminine products, cat litter.  On todays trip I saved $131 and used $8.73 in coupons.  At the register I got a coupon for a FREE box of John Frieda hair color and a $5 gift card for buying the charmin.

The kitties LOVED their cat toys.  All 3 of them immediately started playing.  Good thing there were 6 toys!

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