Monday, December 5, 2011

The Arrival of Sinterklaus

In many cultures today is St. Nicholas Eve.  When I lived in a town that was predominately Dutch, Sinterklaus would visit our town on December 5th.   He is known as the Patron Saint of Children and is celebrated in countries all across Europe.  He often leaves candy and oranges in childrens shoes that are left in front of the fireplace.  This evening his helper Zwaerte Piet will leave burlap sacks of gifts for the family to find.  I found a fun website with all the Chrismas traditons from around the world here.

Whether you believe in Sinterkluas, St. Nicholas  or Santa Claus, I have been fnding so great treat ideas that will honor all three.  
Golden Santa Bread Recipe
How cool is this Santa bread from Taste of Home.

Loving this party mix from Cookie and Cups

Santa Hat Sugar Cookies
Santa hat sugar cookies from
Santa Cupcakes
Smiling Santa cupcakes from Womans Day
Santa Hat Cake Pops
Santa hat cake pops from Cooking for My Family

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