Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza


I feel a little bit like Mariah Carey this week, because it is  Thanksgiving means I can say.. IT'S TIME!  I am so excited because this week, it is time for Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza.  

We look forward to the Thanksgiving pizza more than the actual meal. In fact we are going to have two Thanksgiving meals this week, just to make sure we have leftovers.  On actual Thanksgiving we will be celebrating with family, because it is also a very important birthday for a family member.  Since I will not be hosting that meal, we most likely will not have many leftovers to make the pizza. On Sunday we will have our own Thanksgiving meal at home, and then on Monday it will be Leftover Pizza Day! 

When I make our pizzas, I make three of them because they disappear so quickly.   

In case you are wondering what make this recipe so good, you are in luck because I am sharing the recipe. 

I always seem to make this pizza at night, and we don't have the best lighting in our kitchen so the pictures are a little darker than I would like.  

The crust is a package of crescent dough. You will need one package for each pizza.  Bake the dough at 425 degrees for 8 minutes.

You can choose what you would like for your sauce, but my favorite is cranberry sauce with the berries mixed it. I spread it generously on each of the crusts.  On years when I did not have cranberry sauce, I used black cherry ice cream topping which was a good alternative. 

The next layer is stuffing.  We usually do not have enough leftover stuffing for all the pizzas, so I will make an extra box or two. 

The next layer on top of the stuffing is the shredded turkey.  I try to use white meat, because we like the taste of it better.  

Our family loves cheese, so I apply a generous amount. 

Put the pizza back into the hot oven and back for about 6 more minutes.  (to melt the cheese, and warm the ingredients)  

When it is done, it is a wonderful mix of your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.  This recipe is also adaptable, and easily changeable to your own favorite leftovers. 


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