Monday, October 16, 2023

Easy Pumpkin Pail Crafts

Did you know that those inexpensive  Halloween candy pails, actually can be used for many things and not just to collect candy. 

This past weekend, I used some of those pails to decorate our front porch. 

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I think this pumpkin witch is my favorite. In addition to a pumpkin you  will need a couple of items that can be found at the Dollar Tree

You will need two sets of hanging witch legs, and a witch hat. 

Since they only sell with legs at the Dollar Tree, and not witch arms, we will have to alter one of the set of legs. 

The legs are sold hanging on a ring.  Cut the legs off the ring at your desired length for your pumpkin witch. I left my witch legs on the longer side. 

To give the legs some dimension, I stuffed each one with a plastic bag. (I have plenty of Dollar Tree bags from shopping there so much. LOL)  

It is pretty easy to make the hands.  I cut a hand shape out of the felt shoes.

Once all for limbs were stuffed, I hot glued them to the sides and bottom of the pumpkin. 

The last step is also pretty easy. Cut off the plastic handle, because we will not be needing it.  Place hot glue around 1/2 to 2/3 of the rim of the pumpkin. The reason why you do not put it around the entire rim is you want to leave enough space under the hat so you can place a light inside, and be able to turn it on and off.  

I left the unglued portion at the back of the hat.  

Another really easy craft is to turn one of the pumpkins into a hanging lantern.  

The first step is to cut off the plastic handle. I made the hole a little bit bigger, so I could add a hanging plant chain.  I found the chain in the garden section of the Dollar Tree.  

The chain actually had three hanging pieces to hang plants.  Since I only needed two pieces for the two holes, I removed the third piece. I am saving it in case I need it for something else later.  

I originally used a flameless candle as my light source but I wanted it a bit brighter, so I put in a push light from the electronics aisle. 

The last craft is my pumpkin votive. I was recording these crafts for a reel, and realized after I was finished that I did not have still photos to post on the blog from when I was making it.  I glued the pumpkin and a gem spider onto a black candlestick you can sometimes find in the candle aisle. I placed a flameless candle inside the pumpkin.  If you would like to see a video, you can see it on my Instagram here.


While we will still have more decorating to do before trick or treat night, being greeted by all the smiling pumpkins on our porch makes me happy. 

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