Monday, September 25, 2023

How to Make a Dollar Tree Light Up Ghost

I made both of these ghosts using only Dollar Tree products. They are really easy to make, and look so cute hanging out on the table.  

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The first ghost I made was the mop head ghost. To make this ghost you will need a mop head, a plastic vase (it's upside down in this photo) and some black felt. I found this multipack of 8 sheets of felt in the craft aisle. 

Using my glue gun, I glued the mop head on top of the upside down plastic vase. It should look like Cousin It from the Addams family but with white hair.  :)  You can leave the strands of the mop in one piece, or separate them like I did in the next photo. 

I personally like the look of separated strands for my ghost.  The string looks lighter and fluffier, and it is a little easier for light to shine through.  


Using the black felt in the multipack and cut out two circles for the eyes of the ghost.  

I added the eyes with my glue gun. I also used the felt to make my ghost a hat. While I like his hat, I thought I might find something else that might work better.   

I found this hanging ghost with the perfect hat.  I removed the hat from this ghost and saved the fabric. 

Doesn't this hat look so much better.  I used my glue gun to keep it in place.  

The taller ghost is even easier to make. You will need one of these 36 inch hanging ghost , another vase or paper towel holder.  My store was completely out of paper towel holders, so I used another yellow vase.  

Underneath the white sheet of the hanging ghost is this Styrofoam head and arms. You are going use this as the base of your ghost. 

There are two ways you can make this ghost.  You can attach the head to one of Dollar Tree's paper towel holders, if you can find one.  I have not been able to find one recently, but when I do, I plan on making another ghost.  Instead, I attached the head to the top of the upside down plastic vase like we did to the other ghost. 

I folded over the fabric, and draped it over the head and vase. I hid the pre-printed face on the bottom side of the fabric.  

I used the green hat version of the hanging ghost for this ghost's hat. Since I was not able to keep that ghost in one piece while trying to remove it's hat, I reused it's eyes for this ghost.  I also decided to add a small green pumpkin that I found in the Halloween aisle. 

I used the Dollar Tree push lights for both ghosts.  You will need three AAA batteries per light.  I placed the light underneath the vases, and they lit up nicely. 

Which type of ghost do you like better?  If you would like to see a quick reel tutorial on how to make the mop ghost, you can see how on my Instagram page here.

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