Thursday, November 2, 2023

Our Halloween Night and Halloween Dollar Tree DIYS

 Did you have a nice Halloween?  We had a very busy weekend with birthdays, Halloween activities, and visiting with friends and family.   

Tuesday night was Trick or Treat night where I live. I have been making DIYs with Dollar Tree supplies for the last several weeks. I did not have a chance to post about my large friends  standing behind me on my porch yet, because I just finished the witch the night before.   

I put out this Welcome Trick or Treaters sign from the Dollar Tree Plus section. I had a few other signs as well, but I did not put them out because it was snowing out, and didn't want to risk them getting ruined. 

I made pumpkin lanterns using candy pails from Walmart and push lights. I glued on two sets of witch feet, and a witch hat on the sitting pumpkin.  On the the other pumpkin I glued on a Dollar Tree candlestick and gem spider.   You can see more on how I made them in this post here.

I made this hanging lantern with a  Walmart candy pail, Dollar Tree garden chain, and a strobe light. It looked really cool greeting all the Trick or Treaters. 

You can see a little more on how I made the giant porch monsters in the second photo.  For the legs, I rolled and zipped tied black foam board.  They legs were then glued onto a pizza pan.  

Underneath the poster board I used three laundry baskets and zipped tied them together in this formation. While I did have these on the porch to greet the trick or treaters, they were not super sturdy with the wind.  I sat in a chair right in front of them to keep them in place.  My Christmas version of this craft will stay indoors. 

I loved how my spooky pool noodle candles turned out.  I will definitely be making these again for Christmas, but with red and white pool noodles. You can see more about how I made them here.

I think one of my favorite Halloween DIYs this season was the my light up ghosts using all Dollar Tree items.  I would have liked to put them outside on Halloween, but didn't because of the cold and windy weather.  I shared more on how to make the ghosts on this post here.


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