Monday, March 30, 2020

Crafts For Kids While Stuck At Home (Crafting with Kara)

My daughter has always been a creator.  She loves to design, draw, bake and make (Hmm, I wonder who she got that from 😄)  Several years ago when Kyle started his Cooking with Kyle series, she started her own series Crafting with Kara. 

One of her first crafts she shared on the blog was how to make was this tissue paper butterfly It is not that difficult to make, and you probably have all the supplies already at home.   During this spring instead, maybe bring a little bit of nature inside. 

If you kids like to play with clay, in this post she shows how to make an Angry Bird.  The blue penguin is not in the tutorial but for some reason in the picture.

Cardboard Tube Crafts, Cardboard Tube Flowers

Kara is actually semi famous for these Cardboard Tube Flowers.  She saw a picture of them in a magazine and then her tutorial was featured in an ebook about free crafts for kids. 

Another spring craft she shared was how to make a Flower Pot Nest

How to make a bunny craft out of extra large pipe cleaners

She made this bunny craft out of a giant pipe cleaner and a few basic crafts supplies. It might be a good one to try with it being almost Easter. 

This post is a little different than most.  Here she shows how she and her girl scout troop made Blankets for Cancer.

We still use this Patriotic Wreath every summer for Memorial Day and 4th of July.  Here a few more she made later. 

She made these Woodland Flowers, and Moss Crafts for her Woodland Themed Party

If you have paper you can make these Origami Wishing Stars

This pet memory box was made for a sad reason, but a fun idea if you have animals in the house. 

It's almost Earth Day, perfect for this Earth Day Necklace

close up of hanging rainbow flower

This rainbow flower is one of my favorite crafts she has made. It is also very timely since everyone is at home using a lot of toilet paper, and it is made out of cardboard tubes. 

A craft turkey made of styrofoam, feathers and toothpicks

I know it is not Thanksgiving, but one of her most ambitious crafts was this Turkey Tutorial.  I also remember that one of our cats was fascinated with it, and liked to lick the feathers.  LOL 

Hope you enjoy posts, and Happy Crafting!  


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