Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dollar Tree Make Up Finds

You may be wondering why there is a picture of a lot of make up at the top of this post.  There is one thing that everything on that tray has in common.  It all comes from the Dollar Tree! Being a substitute teacher, I have not always had a lot of extra money in my budget. One of my weaknesses is make up.  I love it and  I love to buy it, just not the expensive prices.  It is fun to get new items and try them out.  I also LOVE the Dollar Tree.  Seriously, it is one  of my favorite stores to go too.  Every time you go you find new things.  The quality of the products in the store have really  improved over the years.  I get so many great products (including brand name!) at the Dollar Tree, and I thought why not share about some of  my amazing deals/finds.  You might be surprised on how much you can save.  

First up, eye makeup. When I go out, I always have something on my eyes. If I don't do my eye shadow, I use at least apply a little bit of liner and mascara. Almost all of the eye products I bought at the Dollar Tree are name brand.  I did some research (Google is my friend) and here are what the prices are if bought in another store or website.  I am not sharing Ebay prices because I know they are marked way up. 

Hard Candy  top ten trendsetters collection in Aphrodisiac 4.88 (Walmart) 

Wet N Wild Color Icon eye shadow trio Don't Steal My Thunder 3.99 (Ulta) 

Wet N Wild eye shadow trio I'm Getting Sunburned 3.99 (Ulta) 

Wet N Wild Megawear Mascara 4.99 (Walmart)

E.L.F Golden Goddess eye shadow palette 3.00 (Target, Walmart etc) 

E.L.F brow clear wax pencil 2.00 (Target, Walmart etc..) 

LA Colors Eye Marker 2.50 (Dollar General) 

LA Colors Auto Eyeliner 2.00 (LA Colors website) 

LA Colors Brow Gel  Similar products 3.00

Leopard Brow brush/comb 1.00

Pink silicone brush cleaner 1.00

Brush cleaner tin 1.00  

Unicorn eye shadow brush 2.50 (4 pk at Target 9.99)

Make up bag - rainbow and leopard 1.00

Total value  36.85    Total Spent 14.00

Here are some of the great products I found for my face 

Hard Candy Just Glow Blush/Bronzer Duo 7.99 (Walmart)

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Highlighter 3.50 (Walmart) 

Swisspers Silicone Blender 5.48 (Amazon) 

Colormates Blush 3.88 (Walmart) 

Jade Facial Roller Lg  similar one at Walgreens 9.99

Jade Facial Roller SM  similar one at Target 9.99 

LA Colors conceal/correct in green 2.58 (NYX similar product Amazon) 

LA Colors Body Shimmer 2.50 (Dollar General) 

E.L.F concealer highlighter 4.00 (Target)

Leopard Print Blush Brush 1.00

Cat Makeup Bag 1.00

Total value 51.91   Total Spent 11.00

I love to do my nails, but do not pay for manicures.  I either do them myself or have my teenage daughter do them for me.  I actually have many more nail colors from the Dollar Tree but these are the most recent.   I also recently tried lip oil when they had a special one for Valentines Day.  When I found more in different flavors I bough several more. Also pictured a lip scrub, lip balm and lip butter

LA Colors Color Craze nail polish  2.00 each (LA Colors 
Upper left 134 Innocence (beige) 
506 Mint (green) and 133 Lucky in Love (mauve)

Right 54 Sheer Magic (purple) and 617 Gloomy (blue)

Colormates Lip Oils in Mint, and Pomegranate 

LA Colors Lip Oils 2 in Strawberry, and 1 in Mint.  

Similar product on LA Colors website 3.50 each 

LA Colors Lip Scrub Mint  1.00 
LA Colors Lip Balm Pineapple  1.00

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter 6.00 (The Body Shop Website) 

I'm a Mermaid Fairy Princess Make up Bag 1.00

Total Value 36.50  Total Spent 14.00

I realized that I did not have the black bag on the first picture in a break down pic, and a different bag in the nail pic.  I am not going to add anything new to the total for that.   I also forgot to add the silicone mask applicator brush in a break down pic.   Similar mask brushes are 6.00 on sites such as Walmart and Elf.   

Now it is time for the final totals.. 

Total Value 131.26  (without tax!)   Total Spent 39.00  Total Difference 92.26

That is almost an entire $100 difference.  Whoa, even I did not realize there was that big of a price difference, and I used the lowest value totals.   The main reason why the Dollar Tree gets such a big selection of name brands is because companies may change packaging, or come out with new colors each season. Instead of selling the older lines with the new ones, they send them  to places like the Dollar Tree.   It's a win for make up lovers like me who really do not care about the packaging.  

I have a lot more I had planned on adding to this post, but it is just getting too long so I am breaking it up into a few posts.    Here is what you can look forward to in the coming week

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