Monday, March 16, 2015

Leprechaun Treat Boxes

Leprechaun Treat Boxes made with cardboard tubes

When I was real young, I used to think that Leprechauns were real.  Every St. Patrick's Day I would keep my eyes open to see if I could catch a glimpse of one.  I would have loved to caught a Leprechaun Treat Box back then, even it is was not a real Leprechaun.  These Leprechauns can be filled with candy, beads, coins and other treats. 

To make my Leprechaun Treat Boxes, I started with several cardboard tubes. I painted a flesh color in the middle of the tube, and then the rest of it green. There are so many different shades of green that would work.  I used Holiday Green, because it was a brighter color. (this picture was taken in late afternoon, so it is harder to see the true shade)  I then folded the ends in on both sides. 

Next I caught strips of orange paper about a quarter inch wide. I used Orchid Origami paper which I will share more about with you in a later post.   You can make them as thin as you would like, but you did want them wide enough to work with. The size of the paper I used is 6" x 6".  Because this paper was not orange on both sides, I cut the strips in half, folded them over, and glue the white side together. Each piece of the beard was about an inch and a half long. 

I attached the beard pieces with scrapbooking adhesive, but a regular glue stick will also work.  You can either paint the faces or use markers.  I used markers to draw on mine. It is faster and easier, and you can give each of the Leprechauns their own personality.  

I used another small piece of paper to make the hair. To top of the hair will be covered by the hat, so you do not need to worry about that part.  

How to make a clover with a heart punch

I forgot to take pictures of the hats while I was making them.  I used green cardstock similar in color to the Leprechaun. I made it wide enough to cover the top of the tube. I really thought it needed a four leaf clover, but I did not have a sticker or clover paper punch.  

I did have a mini heart punch which I knew would perfectly.  I added the heart pieces to the hat with a glue stick. 

Fill with your favorite St. Patrick's Day treats 

Cardboard Tube Leprechaun Puppets.

If you prefer not to fill your tubes with treats, that is okay too.  Just leave the bottom unfolded and they are the perfect size for Leprechaun puppets.  


  1. What a fun idea! Easy, too. I am such a rotten St. Patrick's Day mom...I did wear green today, though. So I guess that's something!


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