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Despicable Me Party Food and Game Ideas

Despicable Me party ideas, treats, and games
Despicable Me Treats, Games and More 

Now that we have gone over how to make your own Minions, party bags, and party favors, it's time to talk food and games. 

Minions made from poster board
Poster Board Minions
I found poster board at the dollar store for only .69 a sheet. They had both of the main colors I needed, the bright yellow, and medium blue.   

There are several things you can do with  poster board Minions.  You can use them as decorations for the party,  or greet desks at  the front door.  You can make a big one, use it in a Pin the Goggles on the Minion game.  You can also use them as a craft/activity but having the guests create their own favorite Minion.  By looking at pictures, I was able to cut out the shapes I would need for a create a Minion activity.  

I saw this Minion pumpkin at our local JoAnns Store this weekend. With it being almost pumpkin time, this could be  a really fun way to decorate a party table. 

You can find blue and yellow tableware, streamers, and balloons at the dollar store, so if you decorate using plain colored items, it won't be hard on the budget. 

Another fun decor idea (best for older children) is to use unusual shaped bottles and beakers to look like Dr Nefario's lab 

Despicable Me Games
Despicable Me Games 

Games do not have to cost a lot, to be a lot of fun.  In the first movie, Gru shrunk the moon.  Many dollar stores carry packages of ping pong balls for only $1. Paint or draw on some gray craters, and play Find the Moon.  Use a stuffed animal that you already have that looks like Fluffy, and play Pass the Unicorn. (like Pass the Potato).  Make a pretend carnival game and shoot at an alien in a spaceship. (easy to make out of poster board or cardstock)   

If you plan on having a Despicable Me party in the upcoming months, run to your nearest Target store. I found these space water guns on clearance in the dollar store for only .50 for the 3 pack!  They would be perfect to give as goodies in the goody bag.   

Despicable Me Party Food Ideas
Despicable Me Party Food 

Between the two movies, there are a lot of great party food ideas you can serve.   If you want to serve a full meal,  you could go with a Mexican them.  Eduardo, AKA  El Macho owns a restaurant called Salsa and Salsa.  Serve chips, salsa and guacamole. Wouldn't it be cool if they really had tortilla chip hats filled with guacamole like in the movie.  Chicken and Cheese Taquitos would be a good party food, because they are easy to make, and easy to hold. 

Despicable Me party food

In the first movie, Gru really has no idea how on parent.  He leaves the girls candy and water in dog dishes.  The dollar store sells plastic dog dishes that are the perfect size for serving bowls.  In mine I have cheese puff catapillars, and twinkies.   Cheese sticks would be a good healthy alternative.  Other themed items to serve are bananas (who can forget the Ba-na-na song) and potato chips (also in the song)  

Minionize purple ice pops but gluing on goggle eyes. In the second movie Gru has stopped being an evil villain to make his own line of Jams and Jellies.  If you serve jam or jelly, wrap it in Gru's private label before serving.   Another fun food idea that could also be used as an activity is to have the guests make their own cookie robots.  Each guest can decorate their cookie with mini pretzel stickers and candy.  

Despicable Me Minion Cookies
Despicable Me Minion Cookies 
You can also make and serve Minion cookies.   They are easy to make, and can be put together in just a few minutes. 

Start with a package of Milano Cookies. They are the perfect size and shape for a Minion. 

There are a couple of different ways you can do the eyes, and goggle strap.  I used a small tube of gel, but a thin line of icing would also work really well.  They do sell candy eyes at many craft stores.  I did not want to buy them this week since they were not on sale.  Instead I used a package of Smarties from the dollar store, and drew on the pupil with an edible marker.  If I had a silver marker, I would have added some color on the outside of the eye as well.  I also drew on the smiles. 

Decorative Icing works really well for this kind of project because you can add a tip to the tube, and draw right on the cookie.  

I drew on the outline of the overalls with a very small tip. I wish I knew where my bigger tips were at the time so it would have been easier to fill them in.  (I found them afterwards)   

Fluffy must have been hungry.  I came in the room and found her chowing down on caterpillars! 

UPDATED (4/19)  Since I wrote this original post in 2013, there are many Despicable Me party favors that are now available.  I recently came across some on the Oriental Trading website. I have loved and used their products for years, even before becoming a blogger. In more recent years I have been asked to be an ambassador and affiliate for them.  I truly do use their products for my parties.  I am adding some more items to this post in case you may be interested in  them using at your Despicable Me Party.  


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