Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scarecrow Party Ideas

Make a scarecrow face snack out if favorite veggies
Make a Scarecrow Face Snack 

In this post we are going to talk Scarecrow themed food, activities, and games.   First up, the FOOD.

Scarecrow Face-  Have the kids put together their own scarecrow face made out of their favorite veggies, such as carrot sticks, tomatoes, colored peppers, mushrooms, and olives.  I would have used black olives in the scarecrow face that is pictured, but I did not want to open an entire can for only two.   I used an English Muffin, but you could  also easily use biscuits, tortillas or anything round.  I made a spread of cream cheese and Miracle Whip that I normally use on Veggie Pizza, and then added the veggies face, and cheese hat.

Some other  fun  foods you can serve are: 

Scarecrow Dip (from the Betty Crocker website) 
corn on the cob 
carrot and celery sticks 
apple slices and caramel dip
anything pumpkin 
popcorn or popcorn balls 
Scarecrow party mix (will be posted soon)
Scarecrow Veggie Pizza (from the Taste of Home website)  

Sweets and Treats 
Scarecrow Marshmallow pops (will be posted soon)
Scarecrow Cake  (from the Betty Crocker website) 
Scarecrow Cookies  (from the Pillsbury website) 
Sugar Cookie Scarecrow  (from the Taste of Home website)  

Game and Activities 

Scarecrow Party Bag kids activity
Scarecrow Party Bags 

Scarecrow Party Bags can be used as an activity, and a bag to bring home their special treats.  Lay out paper scraps, buttons, goggle eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms and other craft items and have the kids design their own scarecrow. 

Make a Scarecrow Race- Have the kids divide into two teams. They then work together as fast as they can to
put together a sscarecrow. 

Scarecrow and Crow- this game is similar to Shark and Fish.  Have one person be the Scarecrow and the rest can be crows. The Scarecrow chases the crows and tries to tag them.  Once the kids are tagged they can either stay frozen in place, or also turn into a scarecrow.  

Find the pumpkin- Hide a mini pumpkin or pumpkins, and have the kids try to find them.  My daughter did this in preschool, and then she got to keep the pumpkin she found. 

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin- Make a large pumpkin face out of poster board and have the kids try to pin on triangle noses. 


Use classic fall colors such as yellow, orange, red and brown.  Many paper products, streamers, balloons and fall decor can be found at the dollar store. 

If the party is outside, use some hay bales to give the party a farm field feel.  

Pumpkins, crows, dried corn stalks, and scarecrows can be found at the dollar store, craft stores such as Michaels, and JoAnns, and garden stores. 

Straw hats
Halloween coloring sheets/books 
fall themed pencils 
mini bags of candy corn 

There are still a couple of Scarecrow party posts to come.  I will be sharing Scarecrow and Crow pumpkins, Marshmallow pops, cookies, and party mix.  Stay tuned! 


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    1. Thank you.! I can visualize all the cute scarecrows kids would come up with if they decorated their own.

  2. Cute scarecrow snack. I'm sure kids would love it!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. Thank you Beth! While I was making him, I thought of a few more things I could add, but unfortunately did not have any in the fridge at the time. If someone tries to make them at a party, I am sure they will be more prepared. :)

  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time!


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