Monday, September 16, 2013

My Crazy Day, and This Week's Party Theme

I had planned on having a quiet day at home today, with time to work on my blog.  You can not say my life is ever boring, because that is not what happened at all. 

The day started out pretty normal. I was up  by 6 a.m. to get my son ready for school.  Once he was out the door, and off to school,  I  would normally get his sister up, so she can get ready too. Today though, she had an orthodontist appointment early in the  morning, so I was able to get 30 more minutes of sleep.  We debated about her going to school for a little bit before her appointment, but she would have had to leave during first hour so we decide to wait.  This was her first appointment since she got her braces on, and we did not know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised that she got right in, and was done before the estimated time.  I got her to school about 15 minutes before I thought I would..   I get home a little  before 9:30

Now off to blog...   

I was on the computer for just a  few minutes when I see an email from  my son's English teacher.  We had been emailing back and forth last week trying to set up a meeting. She sent me an email this morning asking me if I was still able to come to a meeting today, since she had not heard back from me.  I checked the date of her last email. 9/12.. Oops! I somehow had missed her email from last Thursday.   I email her back and say yes, I would be able to come today.  

Now off to blog..   

Not so fast, it was then  time to have my oldest get ready for school.  She goes in a little  later in the day because she  is doing something called seat time waiver.  She can take her core classes online, and then do her electives at the school.   Just as I drop her off at the school, my phone rings.  It is my mom calling me to tell me she just talked to my brother. She wanted to let me know that  my dad was wondering why I did not call him back. There was some news about my step mom.  I tell her that I have no idea what she is talking about, because I never got a phone call or message from my dad.     I quickly finish an errand that I needed to do, and then went home to call my dad..   

I explain to him that I did not call him back, because I did not get a message or a phone call from him.   He insists that he called me a couple of days ago.  I explain that there is no record of him calling on Caller ID, or any messages from him on the answering machine.  We figure he must have accidentally called the wrong number when he called. A confused person probably received the message that was meant for me.   Some back story on my step mom.  In the  spring, a small tumor was found near her pancreas.  They were very lucky, because it was caught very early.  She was diagnosed with Stage 1 pancreatic cancer, and had the Whipple surgery at the end of May.  The last few months she had been doing very well.  This past week though, they got some discouraging news. A routine test, came back abnormal. (twice) She had a scan, and it indicated something was not right with her liver. There is possibly another tumor.  Today  she was going in for a more intensive scan.  Once they know more, they will be able to figure out what to do. She is already going under chemo/radiation so they might change/update her current treatment.  My dad and I  say goodbye, and he promises to keep me updated. 

Now off the blog.. 

Not so fast.. there is now only about 15 minutes until I need to leave for the meeting.  It was scheduled for the time school got out.  The parking lot is a zoo at that time, so I knew I would have to leave early enough to find a parking spot.  I was able to find one of the very last ones, and  I go in the building for the meeting.  For about 10 minutes,  my son and I trade texts.  He is supposed to come to the meeting too, but he is not sure where the room is.  My oldest has planned on going to a club meeting at that same time. I send her a couple of texts, but do not  hear back from her.  To my surprise a few minutes later, she walks in the door with her brother.  Seems the club has not yet started up for the year, and she ran into her brother who had been lost in the hallway.  She helped him find the right room, and then decided to wait for us.  

As I have mentioned before on the blog,  my son has Aspergers.  He is extremely smart, but at times does not want to do his work.  This is especially true in English.  He hates to write. He has not been doing his English homework since school started, and often shuts down when asked to work on it.  We were having a meeting with his English teacher, and a couple other woman who work on his case to see what would be the best course of action. At first, he refuses to talk at the meeting, even when asked direct questions.  He quickly realizes though, that the way to get the meeting to end faster is to cooperate with us.  He agrees to work on one of the late assignments tonight, and he is told that he will be allowed to use a computer at school to get his work done. The meeting ends, and  I drive the kids home. 

Now off to blog..  

Again, not so fast..  I take a few minutes to finish a project for today's post, and then sit down at the computer.  Just then I get a text from my other daughter.  Her girl scout meeting is done, and she would like me to pick her up. The rest of the girls  were  going to go to the school's volleyball game, but she had a headache and didn't think she could handle the noise.  I pick her up, and then we stop at the store for some cat food. (the cats ran out this morning, and were staring at me like they were starving..) 
We had some dinner, and now here I am..  finally able to blog.     Maybe tomorrow will be a quiet, calm day..   

Here is a clue to what this week's party theme is.. 

Do you think you know? 

It's a Scarecrow Party! I have some fun ideas, that I can't wait to share.  

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  1. Oh a cute theme. Some days are like that, aren't they? Just can't seem to get the writing done despite the intentions!


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