Friday, September 6, 2013

Despicable Me Party Favors

How to make Despicable Me Minion party favors
Minion Party Favors 

Today I am going to share how I made some Minion party favors, that you can use on at Despicable Me party. If you missed the post on how to make your own Minions, you can see it here.

It is not that hard to turn just about anything into a Minion.  I bought these party cups at the Dollar store.  I used some of the same paper I used to make the Party Bags, and a few google eyes. The get the teeth of the evil minions to stick out, I did use just a little bit of white paint.  They could also be made very easily with white paper.  

You can see them a bit closer in this picture. This time I traced the inside of the small roll of electrical tape to make the goggle. I made the strap out of black cardstock, but it could also easily be made with ribbon.  

I am not real thrilled with how the hair on the purple evil minion turned out. It looks really messy drawing it on with a marker.  If I had to do it over, I probably would not add the hair at all.   I found a 3 pack of bubbles at the dollar store. Many of the packs had both a yellow and a purple bottle in them.  I took off the wrapper it that it came with, and minionized the bottles. This time because of the small size, I just painted on the goggle strap. These would make great favors at a children's party. 

Stuart Minion Favors 
I can't decide which one is my favorite Minion. Stuart is the one with only one eye.  

Dave Minion Favors

Updated(4/19) Since I wrote this original post in 2013, there have been more added to the Despicable Me franchise.  Back then I made all of my own party favors because they were not as mainstream as they are now.  Minions are still pretty much everywhere.  I recently found some party items through Oriental Trading that I feel might be of interest if you are planning a Despicable Me party.  I have used their products for years even before I started blogging.  I am an ambassador and affiliate for the company because I truly do love their party products.   

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  1. These party favors are too cute! My little boy would go nuts for these. My favorite one would be Dave, although you're right, it is hard to pick just one. Pinning!


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