Monday, September 9, 2013

This Week's Party Theme Is....

Yesterday, Kara and I did something to prepare for this week's party theme. If you look closely at this picture, you can see a small clue.  

Any ideas? 

We are lucky enough to live in an area abundant with apples.  We live less than 20 minutes away from three apple orchards.   It has become a family tradition to go apple picking every year since the late 1990s.  I have pictures of my kids at the same orchard since they were really little 

She has grown quite a bit don't you think. This first picture was  taken  when she was only  three.  I would have to dig through all the actual photos to find the picture of when she was two.  Remember when we actually had to develop film? 

We have always enjoyed taking the hayride around the orchard. When she was little she would love to sit on our laps. 

Now she is definitely big enough to sit by herself. 

So have your figured out this week's theme?  

We are having an APPLE party!  


  1. I love apples! Looks like you had tons of fun at the orchard!

    1. Del, we had the perfect day with weather. Some years when we have gone in early October, we have had to wear heavy coats.

  2. My family loves apple cakes/pies etc, and lucky us we have wonderful apples all-year-round :)

  3. So great! I wish I lived somewhere we could grow apples. JEALOUS! Can't wait to see all you have planned.


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