Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dare to Share #78

It's Friday night, so you know what that means! 
It's time to Dare to Share! 

How did your week go? We had a bit of craziness going on, which I will explain more about in a bit. It was also a busy week on the blog as well. Did you have a chance to see all the Scarecrow Party posts? 

Scarecrow Party Treats

The last post of Scarecrow week had a few more scarecrow treats.  There is a simple recipe for Scarecrow Crunch, and Scarecrow Cookie Pops in hay bales.  If you want to see the other scarecrow posts they are the  Pringles Can ScarecrowScarecrow Party Ideas, and Scarecrow and Crow Pumpkins.

Speaking of the Pringles Can Scarecrow... if you are a follower of Hometalk on Facebook, you will  see a familiar sight  in the next couple of days.. :) 

the emergency cat scan 

As I mentioned earlier in this post,  we had another crazy week. (don't worry the picture is not recent)  My insurance company moved back my payment due date, but did not tell the pharmacy end of the insurance. When I went to pick up a  prescription on Monday, I was  told that my insurance for my medicine was canceled. I was like, how can that be?!  I never missed a payment, nor was my payment even late.  It turns out that the insurance company made TWO mistakes on their part by not communicating with the pharmacy side of the insurance, so they  thought I had missed my payment.  It took me 4 days and 4 phone calls, but it is finally taken care of and reinstated. Early in the week,   Kara accidentally put her two girl hamsters in the hamster play pen together, and got a pretty bad bite breaking up a hamster fight. She won't be doing that again!  Two days later she thought the bite was infected. Yuck! Luckily we were able to treat it at home over the last few days.   On Thursday, I got a call from the high school telling me that Kristina fainted in phys ed class. She is okay.  It turns out that she became a little dehydrated playing tennis in 80 degree temps and direct sun in her face.  She felt it coming on, so she was able to sit down just in time.  I did have to go pick her up though, because it happened at the end of the day, and she was still too woozy to walk to the bus.  I got to thinking that crazy things always seem to happen in our family.  One of my friends joked recently that my life should be a sitcom, because crazy/funny things happen. all. the. time.  I am thinking about starting a series of posts sharing "Why My Life is Never Boring"..   You might remember some of these old posts..   The time that Kara had an emergency cat scan running into her brother while dealing with mono. (they thought her spleen ruptured!) Or the time that my cat got stuck in the couch and had to be cut out. How about the time that Kyle became sick by eating enough for three people in 100 degree heat.  We have several crazy things happen with our animals  Remember when our hamster escaped, and I was alerted by my cats at 2 a.m. that he was under the bed.   Some of time the craziness is caused by a daughter telling me she needed me to design 2 bird costumes in 3 days. Maybe by planning to post about my crazy life  I will have a calm and quiet week.. I can only hope! 

It was perfect timing this week that I was asked to write a sponsored post on Why We Love Our BISSEL Vacuum. We already had a BISSEL that we loved and  it really does work well on all that pet hair, and hamster food that ends up all over the house. 

Did you have a chance to see the Features of the Day this week?  Here is another chance if you missed them the first time. 

Indian Corn Candle Holder by Make It Easy Crafts
Maple Nutty Candy by With a Sparklex

Now it is your turn to share.  I don't have a lot of rules for this party. You can pretty much link up anything that you would like to share.  If you are chosen as a Feature of the Day your post will be promoted on my blog, BlogLovinFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, and G+. I would love it if you spread the word about this party so we can get some more people to join us.  

Now Link Up and HAVE FUN! 


  1. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  2. These scarecrow treats are very cute!!
    Thank you for the party Pam and enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. What a fun party! Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you're having a great Monday...


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