Thursday, September 5, 2013

Despicable Me Party Bags

How to make your own Despicable Me Party Bags

Despicable Me Party Bags 

Did you think that I forgot about the Despicable Me Party? 

Note to self, the next time you want to start  something new, do not do  it during a week with a major schedule change.  Back to school week has been kicking my behind! I am so NOT a morning person, and 6 a.m. comes way to early, especially when I am not falling asleep until about 2.  On top of the lack of sleep, when I got in the car to drive one of my kids to school Wednesday morning, I found my front right tire was completely flat. I could not drive on it all.  Luckily were are close enough to the school that she could make a run for it. (and I actually mean run)  I think she was a few minutes late, but at least she made it. I then had to find a ride for my other daughter whose school we do not live close to, so she could go to her first day.  That flat tire completely threw me off the entire day.  We got it fixed later that evening.  It seems a small piece of metal was the culprit. Today I did get a few more party ideas together that I plan to share.  I am only going to write about  the party bags in this post though, because I had lost all my good daylight and most of the other  photos are too dark.  This week, I will be continuing the Despicable Me Party posts through Saturday with all the mayhem behind the scenes this week.  

Now if you are still with me, I am going to show you how easy it is to make Despicable Me Party Bags. 

I found a 2 pack of yellow bags at the dollar store.  These bags are a really good size, and would be able to hold a lot of stuff.  While you can find a printable of the Minion eyes online, if you don't have a good printer or are low of ink, it is very easy to make your own.  All you need is some colored cardstock, a glue stick, and a Sharpie. 

Cutting the circles for the goggles could be difficult if you don't have something to trace.   I found a great way to make paper goggles is to trace around different sizes of tape. 

I cut gray/silver cardstock into a ring for the goggle (this is Stuart), a solid white circle, and a small brown circle for the eye, and a black strip for the goggle strap. 

Glue on the pieces to form the eye(s) and google.  Finish off the bag by drawing on the pupil and smile with the Sharpie.  You could  also add some small marks near the top of the bag for hair if you prefer. These super cute and easy Minion bags take  only minutes to make, and will be a great addition to your party. 

I will be linking this project up on these fabulous linky parties here.


  1. Hi Pam! These bags are so cute! My husband loves the Despicable Me movies and his birthday is in October so I'm going to be making these bags for his gifts. I've pinned this and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Helen, I am glad you like them..I will be sharing a few more Despicable Me ideas today and tomorrow as well. :)

  2. they are adorable! looking for ideas for the grandsons birthday party, I think he might need treat bags!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. So cute... thank you for sharing at One More Time Events.

  4. These are so stinkin' cute!!!! I think a certain co-worker of mine would be in love with them - she's a minion freak. LOL!

  5. Featuring next Friday at Bacon Time.

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    1. Im so sorry that I did not see your comment a couple of days ago. I have been sick the last two weeks. :( If you are still interested, we could work something out. You can reach me by email if click on the About Me/Contact at the top of the page.


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