Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apple Themed Cookies and Pops

Hanging apple decoration made with paper honeycomb ball

It took me a bit longer today to get this posted than I would have liked.  Just as I was about to take pictures, a storm came through and I lost all of my natural light. By the time the storm was over, there was very little daylight.  I pulled out an old desk lamp, to try and give my kitchen a little more light. 

A super easy, but cute way to decorate for an apple party is to use paper honeycomb balls.  I found this one at Meijer for only $1.50. I then added a green cardstock leaf. 

A fun way to display fresh apples

I just bought this display stand on clearance at Target last week for a little over $5. (it was 70% off, score!)  When I was looking for something to display all the apples we had picked, I realized that my new display stand was the perfect size. 

Use a candlestick to display an apple

I also bought this candlestick on clearance.  When I saw that it was the perfect size to hold an apple, I gave it a try.  It is  definitely a more dramatic look.  

A cake plate used as an apple display bowl

Okay, you are going to notice a pattern here.  I also got this mini cake stand on clearance at Target several months ago.  I bought a couple different colors for only $2.98 each.  They meant to hold 6" cakes. I think they also make nice display bowls. 

Apple themed cookies made from Nutter Butters

Today I used candy melts to make three different kinds of apple treats. Can you guess what I used to make these mini apples?  

Meijer has cups of Nutter Butter Bites on sale for only $1 this week.  There are about 30 cookies in the cup, 

A cup of mini nutter butters

and they are perfect little circles!  I dipped the cookies in the melt chocolate and added chocolate sprinkle for the stem. 

Apple Pops made with Oreo Cookies

Oreos dipped in red candy melts also make great apple pops.  I added pieces of pretzel sticks as the stem, and a little bit of green Laffy Taffy as the leaf. 

Marshmallow Apple Pops

The marshmallow apple pops were also fun to make.  I know they are not perfectly round like an apple, but they are marshmallows coated in chocolate and sugar which totally makes up for it. 



  1. Oh my I love those little apple pops! So cute and they look fairly easy to make.

  2. Super cute apple pops! I'm visiting from the Link Party Palooza. Have a wonderful night!


  3. They are so very cute, being the start of spring the only thing on my apple trees are a couple of new leaves but I love me some apple stuff.

  4. Those apple pops are adorable! I love your apple displays as well!

  5. Pam, this is such an adorable idea! I am loving those apple pops! I just pinned, tweeted & featured it at Pick of the Bunch! You did a fabulous job on the party!

    Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. As always, so thrilled to have you share your amazing posts with us !

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)


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