Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Ten Posts in 2012

As the year comes to a close, many bloggers (myself included) look back at the year that was.  I was curious to see which of the posts I shared this year were the top ten fan  favorites. Some in the top ten surprised me, others did not.   Here they are from #10 to #1..

10. The Water Blob Experiment

Water Blob Experiment

Who knew a $2 experiment based on the water blob I saw on Ginger Snap Crafts would be so popular. We actually made a blob twice this past summer, and  it made for hours of fun!

9. Bunny Cookies

Bunny Cookies

Cookies I made for Easter out of Nutter Butters were a big hit. I will have to remember them for when Easter rolls around again  in a few months.

8. Owl Pumpkin

Owl Pumpkin

My Owl Pumpkin was actually not a surprise. I got a great response with  it when I shared it, and it was one of my favorite crafts this year.

7. Sweet Sushi

Sweet Sushi

I made sweet sushi out of rice krispies, gummy worms and fruit roll ups to go on my 15 yr old daughter's birthday cake.  We went out for real sushi, and then had this for dessert. I am not sure what she would like to do for the Sweet 16 this year.

6. Cooking with Kyle-Chicken Salad Surprise

Cooking with Kyle-Chicken Salad

Kyle was excited to make the top 10.  This was his first Cooking with Kyle recipe. He showed how to make a really delicious homemade chicken salad.  I know he has not been sharing many recipes lately. Homework has been taking up a lot of this time, but hopefully we will see many new ones in 2013.

5. Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold 

My St. Patrick's Day homemade Pot of Gold was also a big hit.  It was not too hard to make with dollar store stones and a plastic Halloween cauldron.

4. Dollar Store Display Bowls

Dollar Store Display Bowls 

My dollar store display bowls were a bit of a surprise. I embellished a few items from the dollar store and turned them into colorful display bowls. I guess a lot of people need colorful bowls.  :)

3. Crafting with Kara - Cardboard Tube Flowers

Cardboard Tube Flowers

Kara was also thrilled to make it into the top ten. She has shared several kids crafts this past year, but the most viewed was her cardboard tube flowers she saw in Family Fun.  This was a perfect craft for Mothers Day.

2. Snowman/Snow Day Party

Snow Day Party

My second most viewed post was actually pretty early in 2012, and timely to be shared again now.  There  seemed to be a lot of interest in my Snowman-Snow Day Party post.  I shared several  fun ideas and treats for kids to enjoy on a snowy day.

1. How to Make a Truffula Tree 

How to make Truffula Trees

My number one post of the year is actually not something I made myself.  The month of March is reading month in a lot of schools.  My daughter's school's  theme this past year was based on The Lorax.  Each of the kids got to go on a field trip to see the movie at the local theater.  I am a volunteer in the school media center  which had been decorated with Truffula trees for the annual  book fair.  It seems there were a  lot of people  who were having Dr Seuss themed parties, and needed to know how to make a Truffula tree. I have to say, Truffula Trees are really cool, and these look like the ones in the movie.

I hope you enjoyed my look back  at my posts of 2012,  I hope to share many more ideas with you in 2013!

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