Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peppermint Tinsel Tree

Tinsel trees have been all over the internet and Pinterest for awhile. One reason why I love tinsel trees is because you can customize them in so many ways.  This year the Dollar Tree has a really cute peppermint tinsel that comes in white, read and green versions.  I really liked the white version because it kind of reminded me of  snow.

Using a cardboard cone that I bought for under $2 at  the craft store for the base, I then  wrapped  two strands of peppermint candy cane tinsel.   I did you a small spot of hot glue at the beginning and the end to secure the tinsel in place.  I also glued a peppermint to the top of the cone

If you prefer to use a styrofoam cone, those also work very well.  Here is the bottom of the one of the trees I made last year.  

I love all the different looks depending on which tinsel you use.  If you do decide to make a tinsel tree, watch out! It is very addicting! 

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