Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Goals for 2013

Another new year is upon us.  Like many others, I think about my life and things I would like to change this time of year.  This year is no different.   As I get older though, I realize that resolutions are often very hard to keep. The best way to actually be successful is to make small attainable goals, instead big, broad "wishes".  A good example of this would be a resolution I have made many, many times.  I claim that this is the year I am going to be organized.  Considering I have not been an organized person for 40+ years, and have been diagnosed with ADD in recent years, just saying I am going to do it, isn't going to make it happen.   However, if I start with a few small changes and add to them as I am successful,  real change really can happen.  

I have given a lot of thought to my 13 goals for 2013. I thought I would share them with you, so you can help keep me accountable. I hope to share my successes with you throughout the year.

Most of my goals are for my blog, and definitely attainable.

   1. In 2013, I hope to update my blog design.  I have been thinking about this for a long time, I just have not had the time to do it quite yet.

   2. To keep up with my blog with life happens, (and it always does!) my goal is to schedule more posts ahead of time.

  3. I hope to post more often. This kind of goes with the scheduling goal as well.  I know there will be times when I might miss a day here and there, but I hope that make that happen less often.

  4.  I hope that I will be able to reach my people, and grow my blog. (a goal for pretty much all bloggers)

  5. I hope to make some more money with this "hobby" that I love.  If I am able to keep goals 1-4, this should be able to happen.

  6. I would like to become more of an expert in social media.  While I am on Twitter, Pinterest Instagram, and G+,  I feel there is so much I need to learn on each of those platforms.

  7. For this goal I am going to add a picture.. (One I can not believe I am showing you!!)

I actually have a craft room/ office.  I have not been able to use my so called craft room because in the 9+ years I have lived in this house, it has become the room where anything and everything goes. If you can"t find something, it is most likely in the craft/dumping room.  What you are looking at in this picture is a giant pile on 2 small desks that were supposed to be used to work on.  Instead of being used as desks,  they have been used to hold a massive amount of stuff.   This is the year I am claiming this room to be a craft room where things can actually be created, and things are easily found.  This is a massive goal, so it will need to be done in steps.  I hope to give monthly updates on my progress.

  8. Along those same lines, I hope we can update our computer desk area.  Right now we have a small basic desk unit that has  very little room. Only one person can sit at the computer at a time and everything ends up on the floor around the desk. At this very moment, the printer, some notebooks and bills are on the floor.  I have some big ideas on how to fix this problem.  Hopefully this  is a problem that is fixed this year.

The rest of my goals do not have to do with crafting or blogging...

  9.  This will be the year that I take back my health.  Some of you may know that this fall I was diagnosed with 3 autoimmune disorders, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, mild Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmune Urticara (chronic hives caused by the autoimmune system)  It is thought that you can improve you autoimmune conditions by changing your diet.  While I am not a horrible eater, I know there are many things I can improve on. I am currently reading the book Wheat Belly, by William Davis M.D.  He has a lot of good points, and I hope by making some changes I will much healthier by the end of year than I am at the beginning of it.

10.  Along the lines of goal 9, is my goal of losing some weight.   With my current thyroid issues, I have gained about 20 lbs in the past year.  I am only 5'1", so 20 lbs is a lot.  During this year I hope to lose that 20,  and maybe 5 bonus lbs.  I know losing weight is a process, so I know I have to break it down into small goals. If I mess up from time to time, that's okay, I know not to give up and keep going

11. I want to save more money with  great deals and  coupons in 2013.  Throughout this past year, I have used coupons, but not always as effectively as I could have. With all the economic uncertainty going on right now,  I want to do even better with my family's budget.

12. Did you know that I write for Examiner?   I am the Frugal Family Examiner for my area.. There are times when I could definitely write articles more often.  In 2013, my goal is to write articles 3+ times a week, instead of the 1-2 that I write now.  If you think you might like to write for as well, drop me an email.

13.  This is probably one of the best goals to have, and should be easy to keep. In 2013, I want to give more.  One thing that is going to help me with this goal, I will be sharing in an upcoming post.

What kind of goals to you have for the New Year?

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  1. I like that you have goals for your blog. Like you, I would like to make money from my blog. Best Wishes in accomplishing your goals in 2013.

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