Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dare to Share #26

Ahhh...  What a good night's sleep will do..  I slept over 9 hours last night.  A much needed 9 hours of sleep.  Sometimes I think that cats really do have  the life!

One thing I have to share this week that does not have to do with Drs. appointments is our new friend. Kara has not named him,  but I have!  His name is Houdini!!  3 TIMES he has escaped his container.  The first time I found him at the bottom of the stairs with the cat covered in fur/hair etc.. I thought he was a goner!  I was mad at the cat thinking that she was the culprit. I was surprised when I put him in a small bowl of water and he bounced right back to life.   We then  moved the container into a closet to keep the cat away.  The next morning I had the shock of my life when I found him laying in the upstairs hallway with the cat again.   There is NO WAY she got in the closet to get him out.    When then moved him into her brothers room with the other lizard/salamanders.  He was in his container when she left for school.  I checked him again 20 mins later and he was GONE.  The cat had been locked out of the bedroom, so I knew it was not her fault. When I was mad at her, she was actually HELPING me find him.  I knew I had to find him this time because my son would freak that there was a salamander loose in his room, and Kara would freak that he was gone.  A little while later, I saw him just walking around the floor by Kyle's bed.  RELIEF!!   We have made sure he can not escape his container again. I wouldn't mind if she let him go, but it is getting very cold at night and she concerned that he would die.  Good thing I am an animal lover softie,  since our house had turned into Kara's  personal zoo.  

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