Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dare to Share #27

Giving the cat a "furhawk" 

This Dare to Share intro will be kind of short.  I just shared two days ago what has been going on this week.  My fever finally broke by Thursday and now I am dealing with laryngitis.  My family doesn't seem to mind, they all think I talk to too much..  :)  Now that I have been on my other meds for a week, I am finally feeling human again.  I am getting my strength and energy back.  YEA!!  I am feeling well enough to join my family on a very fun family outing.  I won't share too much of what we are doing yet, so I have plenty to share next week.    

Other updates to our week..

Houdini really has disappeared for the final time..  We have not found him.  She is hopeful he somehow got outside, but I am pretty sure we will find him someday in the future.

I had a thyroid ultrasound this week. The actual ultrasound was quick and easy.  I won't know the results until they send them to my dr in about a week.

I just paired up with a wonderful sponsor for our upcoming Crafters Dream Giveaway that will be starting in about a month.  We are already up to 30+ blogs so it is even bigger than the last one!

Well that is what I have to share, what do you have to share??  

Link up and HAVE FUN!!


  1. Thanks for hosting the party Pam!

  2. Thanks for hosting Pam and I sure hope you feel better soon! :-)

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  4. Thanks for hosting, Pam! Have a great weekend!


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