Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dare to Share #11

We did it! We survived the last week. Here Kara is off to the bus stop for the last time this school year, carrying the gifts for her teachers and bus driver. She was also wearing make up she snuck on at the last minute.. Eek!  She wanted to look nice for her last day. It was subtle enough, and I was tired enough that I let it be.    (it was only a little mascara and colored lip gloss)     

Kyle's reaction to the last day surprised me.  He has been counting down for weeks. He was super excited to be done when I dropped him off this morning.  On the way home, he said he just realized school was OVER.  He realized that he would not see his friends all summer, and was going to miss seeing them.  What?!  I wasn't expecting that out of him.  I told him we could call his friends and make sure they got together. He was in a down mood for the rest of the day.  We will see what the first real day off will bring.  

Now on to last day of school PARTY!  ( a day late since I was just too tired last night to post it)

I don't have a lot of rules

Post anything that you would like to share..  like a favorite recipe, or a craft you made.  Got a practical tip, we would love to see that too.  

You can link as many posts as you would like.

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